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Breast Massager

Breast Massager

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The Haakaa Electric Lactation Breast Massager is the perfect portable device for any breastfeeding or pumping mama.

There is no greater bond than that which a mama feels between herself and her child while breastfeeding. The Haakaa Lactation Breast Massager was designed to give you the freedom to stop worrying about potential breastfeeding problems and focus on sharing a beautiful experience with your baby instead.

The Haakaa Lactation Breast Massager is the perfect tool to promote healthy milk flow and has numerous benefits to make your breastfeeding journey easier, including:

Improving milk flow;
Encouraging faster let-down;
Increasing the output of milk and emptying the breast quickly and effectively;
Relieving engorged and tender breasts;
Unblocking plugged ducts;
Replacing tiring and time-consuming hand compression techniques;
Preventing mastitis and other symptoms.
Each Haakaa Lactation Breast Massager comes with a DC charging cable and cloth storage bag.

Why we love this brand

Haakaa is a New Zealand based baby brand that produce eco-friendly, sustainable and safe products for mamas and their babies. They have an exciting range that are all made using environmentally friendly and safe raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, bamboo and natural rubber. All Haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand and FDA approved.

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