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Amazing Oils

Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes

Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes

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Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes With Lavender & Chamomile 800g

This one needs to be added to your bath time routine, mama. It helps you soak away the daily stresses with its ridiculously calming combination of pure magnesium, lavender, and chamomile (we’re feeling relaxed just reading those ingredients!).

This 800g pouch of goodness will give you approx. 8 relaxing baths, or over 25 foot baths. All you need to do is add ½ cup of this mix into your bath, or a tablespoon into your foot bath.

The only ingredients in these packs are Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil - so rest assured you’re not soaking in any nasties.

Why we love this brand

Amazing Oils is a family-run company, based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The team has spent endless hours researching and trialling a natural product to assist in pain management. All of their products are made in Australia, and their packaging and marketing materials are all sourced from local suppliers and artists. It’s a feel good brand (in every sense of the saying)! Oh, and their products are recyclable in your normal household recycling!

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