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Ice Ice Booby

Remedial Breast Ice and Heat Packs

Remedial Breast Ice and Heat Packs

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Carefully designed to help soothe discomfort, decrease pain and inflammation associated with childbirth and breastfeeding issues including mastitis, engorgement, blocked milk ducts, the Ice Ice Booby Breast Pack pack comes with two comfy heat/ice breast pads and sleeves, to provide cooling or warming relief to your breasts.

Heat Therapy ~ Breast Heat Packs (Heat in microwave or warm water) Warm and apply the breast pack prior to breastfeeding and expressing to assist in relieving blocked ducts and help encourage the milk let down reflex and flow. This will then help minimise the time spent breastfeeding and expressing. Heat therapy also helps with general breast pain and tenderness, and aids in prevention of mastitis.

Cold Therapy ~ Breast Ice Packs (Freeze in freezer) Use as a breast ice pack after breastfeeding to relieve pain and inflammation of the breasts. Cold therapy can help to relieve pain and tenderness associated with engorgement, mastitis, blocked ducts and general discomfort associated with breastfeeding. A soothing aid for mums.

Why we love this brand

Ice Ice Booby is a Melbourne based small business, with the aim of helping new mums with pain and inflammation post childbirth and during the breastfeeding period. We are passionate about our breast and perineal ice and heat packs, and the assistance we can offer new mums. Co-founded by a qualified and currently practising midwife, Jenna, has over 14 years experience in the healthcare industry. Jenna is passionate about women's health and safe care throughout pregnancy and during the postpartum period.

Ice Ice Booby was created whilst Jenna noticed that during domiciliary visits women did not have convenient access to ice and heat packs to aid in postnatal recovery. Thus, Ice Ice Booby® was born... At Ice Ice Booby® we aim to provide easily accessible, affordable and reusable quality products that have been designed specifically for women. We encourage women to get the most out of their packs using them throughout pregnancy, as well as post birth. We aim to educate women via social media and through our blog on simple and proven ways to improve their health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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