Collection: Axel & Ash

Founded by Bondi dreamers Hanna (Axel) and Ashleigh (Ash), the Axel & Ash brand was born from their combined passion for travel, writing, photography, business, design and mission to inspire others with their zest for life. The venture started in 2012 when the two wanderlusting souls shared their bucket lists together and realised they both had a dream to start a creative business on their list. Sharing a common passion for the art of journaling they decided to start designing chic, inspiring journals filled with quirky writing prompts for everyone who wanted to capture their days, thoughts and memories in style. Today, Axel & Ash’s books & products have pride of place in the trendiest concept, fashion and book stores around the world getting picked up by the world’s style-makers and jet-setters from Sydney to London, Paris and all the way to Hawaii.