Our Story


We are the Dear Mamas: Melissa and Morgann. We are first time mamas who live on the beautiful Gold Coast, and are finding out first-hand that mamahood is not for the faint hearted! 

In between learning to feed, trying to sleep, and cleaning up lots of bodily fluids, we struggled to figure out what mamahood essentials we actually needed and hated that we had to trawl multiple websites to find them. Why did it feel so hard to find products for us when baby products were in abundance? 

And, in that moment, Dear Mama was born (pun totally intended). 

Dear Mama is the go-to, trusted shopping destination for mamas where your essentials are not just an afterthought (because, let’s be real, that happens far too often when we have these gorgeous kiddies of ours). We’re here to help you feel good while you’re rediscovering your sense of self.   

We have curated the products that we couldn’t have lived without during our own pregnancies and beyond. A collection that will prepare you for, support you through, and enhance your mamahood journey.  You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re investing in products that make your life easier and more beautiful.