What I’m Packing in my Hospital Bag as a Second Time Mum!

Hey Mamas! 

I'm back with another blog before baby #2 arrives! I cannot believe I'm 39 weeks pregnant. Second time mums, please tell me it flew by for you too? Lucky this time I know that you really don't need much to bring your baby home to. 

I finally got around to packing my hospital bag for myself and bub last week. Geez it feels good to know I can tick that job off the list. 

For those that follow us on Instagram you would have possible seen my Part 1 and Part 2 - What's in my hospital bag reels. 


Personally, I like to pack two bags plus a small handbag with snacks and items that I need to reach for quickly once you get to the hospital. Bag one is all things for mum. Bag two is Bub and Dad or your birth partner. I use The Suite Set Hospital bag organisers to ensure everything stays tidy and easy to find - HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

Hospital Bag essential for Australian mums. best postpartum products


Lets get into it! 

Mums Hospital Bag for a 2 night stay 

  • 2 x Nursing bras 
  • 4 x Dark coloured comfy undies (ensure they are suitable for both vaginal and c-section)
  • 2 x Tom Organic Maternity Pads
  • 2 x Partum Panties Disposable Maternity Undies
  • Button up Pjs 
  • Set of comfy clothes - I went with maternity tights and a baggy t-shirt 
  • Going home outfit - This does not need to be fancy just something comfy that you feel good in. 
  • Cotton robe (I picked up a great navy one from Kmart) 
  • Warm socks 
  • Swimmers or something your ok with getting wet in the shower or birth pool - Unless like me your happy to be naked the whole time (free the nipple)
  • Bluetooth speaker to play your pre made song list 
  • Labour Aid Hydration Drink
  • Nipple Cream 
  • Clary Sage Roller
  • Milk and Cookies by Jewels Lactation Cookies for snacking
  • 1L Frank Green Straw Water Bottle 
  • Stool softener - the hospital will most likely have this but I'm not taking any chances. That first poop can be scary stuff. 
  • Lip Balm 
  • Pillow from home (the hospital ones are awful!)
  • Toiletries bag 

Optional extras 

Hospital bag essentials for australian mums. Best postpartum products

Babies Hospital bag 

  • 2 x onesies 
  • 4 x singlets 
  • Going home outfit 
  • Swaddle 
  • Blanket 
  • Socks and booties 
  • Beanie
  • Nappies and wipes

Try not to over think it, babies really just need food, warmth and love. Everything else is a bonus. 

We hope this helps keep you stress free! 

With Love 

The Dear Mamas x 

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